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vCISO Services

Strong information security is essential to the well-being of rapidly growing consumer-focused businesses in the emerging Cannabis industry. 


The extent of the risks to the information you possess about customers, suppliers and others is becoming increasingly clear.


Cannabis Privacy and Security’s' Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO} services are designed to provide the leadership and management services to organizations in this environment of high-value and high-risk data.  Many cannabis focused organizations, however, may not be able to hire or assign a dedicated individual in a leadership role for the Information Security function.


How Cannabis Privacy and Security Can Support Your Business


The vCISO services are often called upon to deliver one or more of the following activities or outcomes:


  • Advise or assist in consideration and implementation of information security safeguards, including in strategy, planning, design, implementation and operations of your business or technology initiatives.

  • Advise or assist in maintaining a suitable information security posture that fits your business and compliance needs without becoming overly intrusive or cumbersome.

  • Provide leadership, guidance and mentorship to IT or business personnel that may be in a full- or part-time information security role.

  • Manage and meet your customers’ information security expectations and serve as an active catalyst to your growth.

  • Assist in achieving you information security objectives at lower costs and improved efficiencies.


Why Cannabis Privacy and Security?


Our success in providing vCISO services is based on the following:


  • Our consultants have extensive experience of 20 years or more in helping design and implement information security services or programs.

  • We value our independence from technology vendors as it is key to dispassionate evaluation of solution options for our customers.

  • We have specialist experience in planning, design and implementation of specific security solutions such as:

    • Identity and Access Management (IAM),

    • Data Loss Prevention (DLP),

    • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM),

    • User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA), and

    • Governance Risk Management Compliance (GRC).

This helps us assist our customers acquire and implement these capabilities effectively and at lower price points.

  • We can help demonstrate our customers' information security program or controls to external/internal auditors and regulatory agencies in a credible manner.

  • We understand that solutions in data protection often involve expertise in privacy in addition to the core security experience and skillsets. Cannabis Privacy and Security has an accomplished privacy practice that it can draw upon as needed.


Please contact us using our online form or email us at info@cannabisprivacyandsecurity for more information.

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