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Privacy Back-Office Services

Privacy has become a critical business consideration for emerging businesses such as the burgeoning Cannabis industry. 

Your customers, suppliers and others entrust you with their personal information with an understanding that the data will be secure and processed in a manner in line with their expectations.  And with new and evolving legal requirements like the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) on the books and enforcement by the state Attorney General, the need to implement a compliant privacy function is greater than ever.

Why Outsource Your Privacy Function?

For rapidly growing companies with lean workforces and competing priorities, finding the time to focus on privacy is a challenge.  In an environment where product pipeline and customer demand are clear drivers, it is easy for privacy to fall to the backburner.  However, with individuals and regulators increasingly focused on privacy rights and enforcement, it cannot go unattended.

Cannabis Privacy and Security can help you to manage these competing priorities.  We offer a full suite of privacy back office services, with capabilities that establish a privacy function that seamlessly integrates with your business, simultaneously addressing business needs and compliance objectives. 

What We Offer

The following capabilities sit at the core of our privacy back office services:

  • CCPA compliance program development and management;

  • Policy and procedure development and implementation;

  • Personal information inventory and mapping;

  • California consumer rights requests management and response;

  • Vendor onboarding and risk management;

  • Employee training design and delivery.


For more information on how Cannabis Privacy and Security’s back-office services can benefit your company, please contact us using our online form.

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