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Privacy and Security Solutions for the Cannabis Industry

Rapidly evolving cyber and privacy risks must be managed in an industry where privacy and data security are paramount.


The Cannabis industry is booming.  But with the influx of money and high-value data, comes unwanted attention from those who would seek to gain access to your data and monetize it for their own purposes. 

These risks are compounded by new and evolving laws, such as the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), which is enforced by the State Attorney General and gives consumers a private right of action if their personal information is exposed in a security breach.

Businesses in the cannabis industry are just beginning to recognize the extent of the challenge they face in containing and proactively managing multi-directional threats to their data and to their ability to meet their continually evolving compliance obligations.  The challenge is further complicated by the scarcity of professionals with the right skills to assess the risks and design and implement effective responses.

In this environment, businesses need privacy and data security solutions that make a real difference. Cannabis Privacy and Security offers sophisticated yet practical solutions designed to minimize data risk while considering the operational needs of your business. Our team of privacy and data security professionals provides a full array of services that deliver meaningful outcomes to help your organization meet its privacy and data security obligations and business needs.

Our team of privacy and data security professionals can assist you in all aspects of building or improving your company’s privacy and security program.  Services include:

  • CCPA Readiness

  • Personal Data Inventory and Mapping

  • Consumer Request Management and Response

  • Incident Response Program Development

  • Virtual CISO Services

  • Privacy Back Office Services

  • Data Security Strategy and Design

  • Data Governance Strategy and Design

  • Security and Privacy Organizational Development

  • Security and Privacy Assessments
  • Identity and Access Management

  • Third Party Risk Management

  • Security and Privacy Training

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