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Privacy and Security for the Cannabis Industry

Your customers, suppliers and business partners trust you to protect their personal and confidential data.  Regulators and enforcement agencies demand it.  In a burgeoning industry gaining mainstream acceptance, meeting their expectations is critical.

The cannabis industry has finally emerged from the shadows.  Of course, legitimacy and the potential for unprecedented financial success will also draw the attention of bad actors who know the value of digital data and sniff out the opportunity to exploit it.  Many cannabis business owners are just beginning to recognize the extent of the challenge of containing and proactively managing multi-directional threats to their data and meeting rapidly evolving legal obligations like the California Consumer Privacy Act and other state laws

Cannabis business operators need privacy and data security professionals that understand their industry and the risks they face. Cannabis Privacy and Security offers sophisticated yet practical solutions designed to minimize data risk while considering the operational needs of your business. Our team of privacy and data security professionals provides a full array of services that deliver meaningful outcomes to help your organization meet its privacy and data security obligations and business needs.

For more information on how Cannabis Privacy and Security can help you safeguard business critical data, please contact us using our online form.​

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